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  • BaitSafe® – receives Good Design® Award!

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    South Australian designed and made BaitSafe® has won a spot at this year’s Australian International Design Awards. The most discreet pest solution on the market today, BaitSafe® has quickly gained the reputation both in Australia and Internationally as a product that is not only unique in appearance but also diverse in its application.

    Gary McMahon C.E.O of MakeSafe® commented.... Click here to read more

  • The latest addition to P+L Systems’ North American Team

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    MakeSafe® Australia would like to congratulate Patrick Callaghan who has now joined the North American sales team as Senior Territory Manager for the Southern states of the USA.

    Steve Jackson, General Manager of the Americas was excited to confirm the appointment having collaborated with Pat previously on other projects. Steve commented “Pat brings a lot of experience of the professional pest market with him and is well-known and trusted by both distributors and PMPs. He brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to our team and we look forward to his sales efforts”......

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  • A familiar face to head up P+L Systems’ American team! – Steve Jackson

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    P+L Systems, MakeSafe®’s exclusive distributor in Europe and the Americas, is pleased to announce that Steve Jackson will soon be relocating from the UK to New Jersey to become General Manager - Americas. Steve has been with P+L Systems for over 12 years and has previously worked in the USA during his time with the company. ...

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  • ‘BaitSafe®’ - certified by HACCP International.


    HACCP International has certified an innovative product called ‘BaitSafe®’ which is particularly suitable for installation in food premises. The ’BaitSafe®’ product, manufactured by “... Read more

    Please also click on the Links below to see BaitSafe® making news in Asia and Europe.

  • P + L’s Sales Teams hit the ground running!

    Gary and patrick

    Gary McMahon was pleased to be at P + L System’s offices in the UK when the news filtered through that Patrick De Vas Sales Manager for France-Holland and Belgium had received the first order for their BaitSafe® product into the European Union.

    Gary said “The P + L Sales Teams are extremely professional and knowledgeable in what they do and have a great customer focus. “

    Gary McMahon congratulated Patrick enthusiastically on the milestone. Both are pictured alongside with Gary McMahon on the left and Patrick De Vas on the right.

  • MakeSafe® & P + L Systems Partner again for the America's


    MakeSafe® C.EO Gary McMahon recently arrived back in Adelaide to announce the news that the Company had signed a 3 year Partnership agreement with P + L Systems for the America’s.
    This is the 2nd Partnership Agreement that P + L Systems has struck with MakeSafe® for their product BaitSafe® in the last 2 months.

    Gary McMahon said “I have seen firsthand P + L’s wonderful purpose built complex in Knaresborough which houses not only great products but great people. It is a dynamic combination and one that both Companies are excited about moving forward with.”

    P + L’s Sales Manager Steve Jackson is heading up P + L’s charge into the America’s with an exhibition of their product range including BaitSafe® at PestWorld 2012. The event will be held in Boston Massachusetts from October the 17th through to October 20th.

  • MakeSafe® achieves World First Dual Certification & Endorsement for their Product BaitSafe®


    he HACCP International Endorsement Programme is aimed at organisations that are required to supply ‘food safe' equipment, machinery, supplies and services to the food industry. Non-food items and services that are used extensively in food manufacturing, handling and supply can have a significant impact on food safety and operators. HACCP based food safety programmes often look for assurance as to the appropriateness of such items.

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  • BaitSafe® Cup Race 1 & 2 at the Riverland Festival for 2012

    MakeSafe® wishes to congratulate all the Field Festival organisers, the countless volunteers, fellow Exhibitors , all those who assisted with Cup running and everyone else back in Adelaide who contributed to such a great event over both days.

    Click here to see all the winners


  • The BaitSafe® Cup - Riverland Field Day 2012

    There was movement in the Riverland as the word had gotten round
    The MakeSafe® boys where coming to turn horse racing upside down
    All the tried and noted riders from the towns came
    near and far
    To qualify for the BaitSafe® Cup and the chance to be a star,

    At 1-00pm exactly under a clear and cloudless sky,
    5 horses will run and run with all their heart and turf will certainly fly.

    So everyone come early for a vantage point race side.
    For tomorrow fellow countrymen the BaitSafe® Cup will ride.

    Good luck to all contestants in tomorrow’s BaitSafe® Cup from the boy’s at MakeSafe®

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  • The BaitSafe® Cup

    Next Race Sept

    The Riverland Field Days are a very popular 2 day annual event for the Riverland region. The event this year will be held near Lake Bonney on the 19th & 20th of September. Please visit for more information.
    The field days have something for the whole family including the latest in agricultural machinery, equipment and services, demonstrations, information sessions, activities, entertainment, tastings, trade exhibits and much more.
    MakeSafe® is proud to be an Exhibitor at this year’s event and to also host the running of the BaitSafe® Cup over both days. We guarantee the Cup will be lots fun not only for the entrants but for the crowd as well. It’s the funniest horse race on 2 legs so don't miss it.
    Race times are at 1-00 pm over both days.
    Visit our stall number 633 on the Central Boulevard next to The Hutt for more details and also to see the”  Next Generation in Bait Station Technology- BaitSafe® “.
    Just look for the Big Rat!

  • MakeSafe® and P + L Systems Partners in Innovation


    MakeSafe® C.E.O Gary McMahon announced a 3 year Partnership agreement with P + L Systems for the exclusive distribution of the Company’s flagship product BaitSafe® for the Pest Control Industry within the European Union.

    Gary said “ Both Companies have a genuine passion for Innovation which will benefit the Industry as a whole. P + L has extensive market knowledge, technical expertise and a great Team on board. We recognise and respect P + L Systems position in the market place and are proud to have our brand BaitSafe® alongside others synonymous for high quality and reliability. We look forward to working with P + L’s team in breaking new ground for the Pest Control Industry in the years to come.”

    To find out more about P + L Systems click here

  • MakeSafe® Food Innovation Award Winner 2012


    There were not rats or mice to be seen at Dolton Bay House Circular Quay Sydney on Wednesday the 1st of August when MakeSafe® Pty Ltd won the prestigious Food Magazine’s Innovation Award for 2012 for her product BaitSafe® . The Team at MakeSafe® where thrilled with the Award. We would like to thank HACCP for sponsoring the Innovation event, Food Magazine for hosting the awards, the Judges and our fellow Innovators for being a part of it. It was great night with celebrations continuing until the early hours of the following morning.

    Left to right Director Nathan Wilson-C.E.O Gary McMahon-Director James Scales arriving at Dolton House Circular Quay for the awards.

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  • Mislaid Rat Baits endanger Local Wildlife. Please if you must bait BaitSafe®


    Native animals are becoming the unintended victims of rat poison laid around Ipswich,
    with possums and birds the most susceptible. Magpies, tawny frogmouths and some marsupials have been brought to the Orphan Native Animal Rear and Release Association (ONARR) with signs of poisoning, vice president Tara Goulter said.

    "There has been a definite rise in poison cases over the last three months," Ms Goulter said.

    "We've had a lot of birds who prey on mice and rats show signs of poisoning; I've had a magpie that was swaying and lethargic and tawny frogmouths have also showed symptoms.

    "They're probably eating the poisoned rodents.

    "Then there's been a few possums that eat the bait."

    Ms Goulter said ONARR had received the sick animals from Brassall and Collingwood Park.

    "There's so many other ways you can trap pests - humane traps are a much safer," she said

    "You have to remember it's not just wildlife that could eat it."

    RSPCA Queensland's Michael Beatty said the Wacol wildlife hospital had received many poisoned possums.

    "Over the last month we've been getting a few in a week, and we've also had a few poisoned magpies and crows," Mr Beatty said.

    "This time of year a lot of people put poison out, or lay it in the roof where possums might be living.

    "Humane traps are best, but if people have to lay poison they should at least put it in a container so only rats can get to it

  • Rats Plague heads for Geelong Victoria


    Plagues of rats and mice are making their way from the region's semi-rural and coastal towns into Geelong.

    Pest controllers contacted by the Geelong Advertiser yesterday said they were run off their feet attending to calls about rodents. Con Toulas from Bay City Pest Control said there was no doubt rats and mice were in plague proportions in many areas he had visited over the last few weeks.

    "The areas getting hit now are what we class as semi-rural; Bannockburn, Inverleigh and down Queenscliff way, near the water," he said. "But in time it will become a problem in the suburbs and inner-city Geelong as well,"

    Rain and healthy crops meant conditions were ripe for rats and mice to breed, Mr Toulas said.

    "The more food that's around, the more they will breed," Mr Toulas said.

    Mice could make their way into homes through cracks as small as five to six millimeters, while large rats needed a gap of just 10 to 12 millimeters, he said. Dianne Yates of Down and Dead Pest Control said unseasonally cool days and rain was driving rats and mice into homes.

    "The rain is flushing them out. We've seen a huge spike in the numbers of mice and rats running around people's homes and businesses," she said. "If you were a mouse, where would you rather be, out in the cold or in a nice warm roof cavity?"

    Wallington Mitre 10 assistant manager, Jo Russell, said her store on the Bellarine Peninsula was selling plenty of rat poison, and mouse-traps by the dozen. At Bunnings in Corio, however, vermin control products have been slower to move. Bunnings Corio lifestyles co-ordinator Andrew Cromie said staff had been warned to expect a run on Ratsak but, to date, had sold no more than usual.

    "They might not have arrived in Corio yet," he said.


  • Showdown 33

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    Here at BaitSafe® we support Showdown 33
    Register  here to get all you're Afl Bait Stations in your team colours

  • MakeSafe® receives invitation for the 2012 Innovation Challenge.


    The Team at MakeSafe® are delighted to have been invited to enter their product BaitSafe® in the 2012 The Australian Innovation Challenge awards. MakeSafe® C.E.O Gary McMahon said  “We are proud to be a part of  the Challenge and to be given a chance to showcase our product BaitSafe® to the Nation. Inventors are the spark that ignites the fire of imagination in our Society and we are proud to have contributed to that spark and we wish all our fellow contestants the best of luck".



    BaitSafe® has been selected as a finalist in the Food Safety and Innovation in Non-Food category for the 2012 FOOD Magazine Awards.

    For this category, the product or service needs to be directly applicable to the Australian or New Zealand food and beverages industries; offering an aspect of safety within the food processing environment.

    Click here to read all about the awards

  • Next Generation in Bait Station Technology


    MakeSafe’s® first product in a line of innovation is BaitSafe®. Referred to as the “Next Generation in Bait Station Technology”. BaitSafe® has under gone 2 years of extensive field testing preparing for the Companies launch at the Adelaide Convention Centre on July 11.

    Prior to the products release BaitSafe® has already proven to be a winner by her peers. Gary McMahon CEO and Co-Inventor said “The Collison Award and HACCP’s accreditation for use in the Food Industry adds depth and credibility to BaitSafe®. We are not just telling people how unique and safe BaitSafe® is, we’re proving it.”

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