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  • Neil Raw - Managing Director of Innovative Pest Consultants

    We have recently viewed the BaitSafe® product by MakeSafe®.

    The concept of having a secured baiting system for rodents that can be installed into roof cavities without climbing into the roof itself certainly solves a lot of OH&S issues that our Company faces every day. We especially have difficulty in the cases of flat roofs and the ability to access those roofs to treat Rodents.

    We also see great benefits both environmentally and socially as baits may and do find their way out of the roof space and into areas that can harm children and pets let alone native wildlife.

    The installation is easy and the unit is flush with the ceiling and does not require a ladder to service the unit.

    The following areas would be ideal for this radical bait system. Roof voids of school buildings, hospitals and public places where traditional baiting systems are banned. Flat roofs in extensions of houses where there is no access between floors which are inaccessible to our technicians Commercial Buildings with suspended ceilings and so on. The list is endless.

    This is a product that can be used in areas that in the past where not accessible for the treatment of Rodent activity.

    With over 30 years experience in the pest control industry I believe that this product has a future in the control against rodents worldwide and I congratulate Gary and his team on developing such an innovative answer for today's Pest Control Industry.

    Well done team and I cannot wait to get my hands on the product.

  • Dr Paul Duke - Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine

    As a member of the medical profession, I would definitely be interested in installing a BaitSafe at my rooms on King William Road, Adelaide.

    As my property is over 100 years old, it is a constant challenge to keep up with cracking and movement in the building, especially in a drought. Therefore we have problems with rats entering the ceiling quite often.

    Rather than pay for a tradesperson to come and regularly change baits in the roof, it would be so much easier to install a BaitSafe, which requires no man-hole access to the ceiling and can be accomplished while I am still seeing patients.

    I would have no hesitation in installing this wonderful invention in the ceiling at my rooms.

  • Georgina Steel - Area Manager (SA/NT) Cardiac Rhythm Management, Boston Scientific

    We have had an infestation of rats and possums in our roof since buying this house in 2004. We have been able to eradicate the possums – at great expense, however the rats are still there! We have tried numerous methods of extermination to no avail.

    The first contraption was called a 'rat zappa' which was a cumbersome device and a nuisance to put into the roof space and required time and dexterity to crawl through the roof. Apart from being unhygienic in the roof space, it is hot and dangerous to climb around. We have also tried the rat sack but again this required me to move around the roof space. The other method we have tried is the rat trap, which was a joke! The rats were too smart for it. The one rat we caught, the trap only injured its leg and we had to try and drown it, which was very distressing, not realising that rats swim, therefore my husband had to hold it under the water until it stopped squirming. A very upsetting experience.

    Due to all this, we still have rats and would be keen for a different solution to our problem! The rats have chewed though the fan cable in our bathroom, which cost us a lot of money to have an electrician come out to replace it. A rat also chewed through the water pipe of our dishwasher, which flooded our kitchen whilst I was at work and warped the floor boards! This also cost us a new dishwasher as it was on old model and I could not get the spare part.

    They keep us awake at night, by scratching above our heads. On some days, especially in the summer, some rooms smell of urine, which can only be due to the rat urine, it is disgusting!

    If there was a simple solution to eradicate these pests, I would be keen to use it.

  • Paul McGavin - Manager - Sales and Marketing, Rural Press Limited

    Thank you for opportunity to see your presentation the other day on your exciting new product "BaitSafe®" and whilst your prototype was in an 'undressed' form I can see the aesthetic appeal that this product will have once it is released to the market.

    The true benefits of BaitSafe® go far and beyond that of pure aesthetic appeal and whilst I believe that this will be a major motivator for some market segments the rural & regional market places will have the benefit that for the first time many of the buildings in these areas will finally be able to combat what has previously been an unsolvable problem.

    A large majority of the Public buildings within regional Australia are heavily constructed from asbestos which makes both maintenance and repairs a large OH&S issue and as such makes these buildings generally inaccessible for the purpose of baiting for rodent infestation however your product will now allow for the safe, quick and tamperproof installation in all manner of buildings including those of asbestos construction.

    The BaitSafe® product also opens up viable options for primary producers to combat the infestations that are drawn to crop storage facilities where in previous applications have placed considerable risk to children, pets & livestock. The bait safe system will allow for installation at a height out of harm's way yet still easily accessible to change or check the bait due to the unique locking tool.

    In summary I believe that your product will have a wide range of applications that will open up many exciting applications and offer a solution to a large problem that until the BaitSafe® product is available has been deemed to be unsolvable.

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