Meet the Team

  • Gary McMahon

    Gary McMahon

    C.E.O, CO-Owner and fellow Inventor

    Some 18yrs ago, Gary married his Adelaide dream girl, left Sydney & hasn’t looked back.

    After settling in, Gary has been involved in Construction & Building Services, including dabbling in the Renewable Energy Market.

    Gary is the team leader at MakeSafe® and has worked extensively on the Commercialisation of the company’s newest product, BaitSafe®

    Gary enjoys a challenge, but he also enjoys holidaying with his family, playing golf with his wife , the sea and anything it has to offer.

  • Nathan Wilson

    Nathan Wilson

    Director, CO-Owner and fellow Inventor

    Nathan grew up in Melbourne and spent time working in Hong Kong on large span timber construction before he met his wife of 13 years and moved to Adelaide.

    Nathan has been involved with construction and government contracts, including renovations, for over 22 years.

    Nathan has two sons who both share his passion for all kinds of sport, particularly Aussie rules football.

  • James Scale

    James Scales

    Director, CO-Owner and fellow Inventor

    James is an Adelaide boy through and through who has lived there all his life.

    James is an Electroplater by trade, and is currently employed as a technician in a pump and engineering firm.

    James has worked in all sorts of industries including a Research and Development for Government organisation. And also ran a Property Maintenance business in S.A for five years.

    James and his wife are actively involved in their two son’s sports of Soccer & Aussie rules.

    To relax, James enjoys fishing.

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